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Follow the link to read the story A&P. Read the last sentence in the last paragraph; to find it, search (CTRL + F) for the term: “stomach.”

At the conclusion of the story, the narrator relays that his “stomach kind of fell as [he] felt how hard the world was going to be to [him] [thereafter].”

From the story, what can be inferred about why the narrator might believe the world is going to be hard thereafter?


There is no suggestion that it will actually be hard, rather this thought shows how difficult of a decision it was for him to quit working at the A&P, and the emotional shock he is in due to his action.


The real reason he quit was to act heroically in front of the girls, and they were not there to see his actions, making the decision to quit that much more painful.


The author suggests the narrator’s actions were unwise, and he will suffer the consequences of a rash decision made at an important moment.


The author suggests the narrator’s actions were immoral and his community will not look favorably upon his poor judgment.


The narrator has decisively chosen to resist authority and tradition, a move that likely has little support in the community he is part, and therefore his journey thereafter will be hard.

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