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Follow the link to read the story A&P. Read through the middle of the second paragraph when the narrator repeatedly uses the pronoun “one” to refer to the girls.

In light of his general tone of interest in and attraction toward the girls, what is communicated about the narrator when he repeatedly uses the word “one” rather than “girl” to describe the girls in the store, such as when the narrator states, “There was this chunky one,” “there was this one,” “this one and a tall one” and “then the third one”?


It reveals his objectification of the girls, revealing that he is unable to see them as anything more than sexual objects.


It emphasizes their foreignness and exoticism in his eyes by suggesting a greater degree of unfamiliarity with them.


It is purely suggestive of the fact that he doesn’t know their individual names.


It reveals his lack of interest in their unique identities.


It is a natural aspect of the first person narrative stance.

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