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During the months of November, December, and January, a survey was given to all of the customers of a restaurant regarding a new line of desserts which was being planned to replace the restaurant's current dessert menu. The following chart describes the distribution and results of this survey.

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On an evening in February, to kick off this new line of desserts, a free dessert was offered to every customer who paid for a regular dinner entree. If an equal number of men and women were expected to buy entrees on this evening, then, based on the survey results, which of the following would be the most logical plan of preparation for the restaurant? (Calculator)


The restaurant should be prepared to serve more pecan pie than any other dessert.


The restaurant should be prepared to serve mostly crème brulee and chocolate mousse, with a fairly equal amount of requests for both of these. Very few servings of pecan pie should be needed.


The restaurant should be prepared to serve considerably more crème brulee than chocolate mousse.


The restaurant should be prepared for crème brulee to be the most popular item, followed by chocolate mousse, and then pecan pie.

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