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Washington Elementary School has a policy requiring that each classroom must contain an equal number of male and female students, and that each class must contain at least $12$ students, but no more than $28$ students.

On a recent standardized test, the scores of all of the students from a certain class were listed from the highest score to the lowest score. If the highest $4$ scores were achieved by female students, the $4th$ lowest score was a female's score, and the lowest $3$ scores were from male students, then which of the following conclusions must be true?


There must be at least two consecutive male scores somewhere in this list of scores, other than the three lowest male scores.


Among the top $9$ scores, there must be more female scores,than male scores.


The average score for all female students must be higher than the average score for all male students.


More female scores must be in the top half of the class scores than male scores.

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