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Follow this link to the passage, then answer the question:

"While being resilient to ever-changing timelines and requests, and working in concert with numerous departments, including sales, editorial, digital, research, marketing and merchandising, Gogel must determine one visual message for a brand and maintain that image and voice throughout all her creative materials."

What is the most economical way to express this idea?


Gogel must be cognizant of a variety of demands while making sure to create one consistent message used in all her materials.


Art directors must meet corporate demands in addition to their creative responsibilities.


Image and voice are two of the most important focal points for Gogel, and she must be successful at creating them all the while successfully meeting deadlines and working with various departments.


Gogel has many responsibilities to a variety of departments, including marketing and merchandising but she must also ensure that her creativity is represented throughout her creative materials.

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