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Letter to Jefferson

The following is a letter from Benjamin Banneker to Thomas Jefferson.

Banneker, Benjamin. "Letter." Letter to Thomas Jefferson. 19 Aug. 1791. The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. 6 August 1791 – 31 December 1791 ed. Vol. 22. N.p.: Charles T. Cullen. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1986. 49-54. Founders Online, National Archives. Web. 12 Mar. 2016.

(Line 85)..otherwise than by recommending to you, and all others, to wean yourselves from those narrow prejudices which you have imbibed with respect to them...

The word "wean" in line 85 most nearly means


to convert to a new philosophy on a particular subject.


to be strongly influenced by someone or something.


to cultivate a relationship with someone.


to manage without someone or something.

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