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Yoshida Kenko

Kenko, Yoshida. "Friendship, 1340 CE." The Tzuredzure Gusa of Yoshida No Kaneyoshi. Translated by George Sansom ed. N.p.: Asiatic Society of Japan Transactions, 1911. 39. Web. 13 Mar. 2016.

What is the main idea of paragraph one?


Even though discussion with those who hold contradicting opinions can be worthwhile, it is a great pleasure to hold serious, involved conversations with those that agree with one’s beliefs.


Even though discussion with those who hold similar opinions can be comforting, and even joyful, it is a necessary part of the intellectual growth to hold conversations with those that disagree with one’s beliefs.


It is necessary to participate in a variety of conversations, both with those that hold similar and opposing views. Without a variety of discussion, conversation skill will not improve.


Conversation, both intimate and in contradiction, should mainly cover fleeting world issues in order for the conversation to be pleasant and to avoid loneliness.

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