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Plague: Past, Present, and Future.

Stenseth, Nils Christian, Bakyt B. Atshabar, Mike Begon, Steven R. Belmain, Eric Bertherat, Elisabeth Carniel, Kenneth L. Gage, Herwig Leirs, and Lila Rahalison. "Plague: Past, Present, and Future." PLOS Medicine (January 15, 2008): n. pag. PLOS. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

Consider the sentence in lines 81-83:

Plague may not match the so-called “big three” diseases (malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis) in numbers of current cases, but it far exceeds them in pathogenicity and rapid spread under the right conditions.

What does the word "pathogenicity" mean?


The ability of a disease to mimic symptoms of other diseases.


The ability of a virus to cause a disease.


The ability of one disease to consume other diseases.


The ability of a disease to spread rapidly.

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