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Fishy Cooperation, Frans B. M. de Waal

De Waal, Frans B. M. "Fishy Cooperation." PLOS Biology (2006): n. pag. Web. 19 Mar. 2016.

According to this paragraph (lines 15-20):

"The author describes the astonishing discovery of coordinated hunting between groupers and giant moray eels in the Red Sea. These two species make a perfectly complementary pair. The moray eel can enter crevices in the coral reef, whereas the grouper hunts in open waters around the reef. Prey can escape from the grouper by hiding in a crevice and from the moray eel by leaving the reef, but prey has nowhere to go if hunted by a combination of these two predators."

What is the reason that the two are considered a complementary pair?


Their physical size and disparity which makes it easy for them to hunt together.


The fact that they eat prey that live next to each other.


The fact that they hunt prey in the crevices of the coral reef.


The fact that they leave prey with nowhere to go.

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