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A Dog's Eye View of Morphological Diversity, Liza Gross

Gross, Liza. "A Dog's Eye View of Morphological Diversity." PLOS Biology (2010): n. pag. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

"And now Elaine Ostrander, who admits a sense of “awe” and “marvel” at her pet organism, the domestic dog, has found that some complex traits may not have such a complex genetic basis after all. Working with longtime collaborators Carlos Bustamante and Robert Wayne, Ostrander and her colleagues report that complex traits like body size and coat color may fall under the control of surprisingly few genes." (Lines 7-12)

The primary purpose of this paragraph is to establish


complex creatures may have complex genetic origins.


complex traits may not be passed through a species.


complex traits are "awesome" and "marvelous."


complex traits may not have a complex genetic base.

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