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Morality of Birth Control, Margaret Sanger

The following is a speech delivered on Nov. 18, 1921, at the Park Theatre in New York City by Margaret Sanger titled "The Morality of Birth Control".

Sanger, Margaret. "The Morality of Birth Control." Meeting, 18 November 1921. Park Theatre, New York City. Web. 12 Mar. 2016.

In lines 34-41, Sanger discusses the opposition to the advancement of women, and in lines 39-41 states that "there was no objection to her meeting with the same members of the opposite sex when she went to church." The purpose of this line is


to champion the viewpoint that women and men should not be allowed to meet in the same location unless it is the church.


to point out the hypocrisy of opposing women meeting with men in some locations but not all locations.


to persuade her audience to advocate in favor of reprimanding women who worship in the same location as men.


to convince her audience that women should be afforded the right to worship in the same location as men.

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