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Morality of Birth Control, Margaret Sanger

The following is a speech delivered on Nov. 18, 1921, at the Park Theatre in New York City by Margaret Sanger titled “The Morality of Birth Control.”

Sanger, Margaret. "The Morality of Birth Control." Meeting, 18 November 1921. Park Theatre, New York City. Web. 12 Mar. 2016.

What is Sanger's purpose when she states that "society is divided into three groups" (line 85)?


Sanger believes that some groups should receive birth control but not all.


Sanger is illustrating the need for birth control among those that are not privileged and educated.


Sanger is demonstrating the opposition that exists in the community over such a controversial topic.


There are three distinct groups arguing the issue of birth control and Sanger describes each of them.

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