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Law and Order, Calvin Coolidge Speech as Governor of Massachusetts, 1920

Coolidge, Calvin. "Law and Order." Nation's Forum. New York. 1920. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

In lines 13-17:

"Government is not, must not be, a cold, impersonal machine, but a human and more human agency: appealing to the reason, satisfying the heart, full of mercy, assisting the good, resisting the wrong, delivering the weak from any impositions of the powerful. This is not paternalism. It is not a servitude imposed from without, but the freedom of a right to self-direction from within,"

the concept of paternalism refers to


lawmakers creating laws to serve themselves.


behavior of an organization that controls the liberty of others.


when someone forgives all of the wrongdoings of others.


when someone acts coldly or impersonally, like a machine.

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