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Most Excellent Lord, one [of] the most important requests I made of the Most Illustrious Inspector General, at the beginning of these conquests was: if ever the Indians, whether they be gentile or Christian, killed me, they should be forgiven.

While the missionary is alive, let the soldiers guard him, and watch over him, like the pupils of God's very eyes. That is as it should be. Nor do I disdain such a favor for myself. But after the missionary has been killed, what can be gained by campaigns?

Which of the following can be concluded after reading this excerpt from a letter by Father Junipero Serra, the Franciscan friar who, in the 1700s, established the California mission system for the Spanish Crown?


The Franciscans were opposed to slavery in Spanish California.


The Franciscans showed a remarkable level of respect towards the natives of the region.


The mission system offered protection to warring natives along with economic security for the Franciscans.


The mission system was the origins of the modern day cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.


The Franciscans were only interested on gaining Christian converts.

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