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And what has been the result of the American system? Our country has become the land of opportunity to those born without inheritance, not merely because of the wealth of its resources and industry but because of this freedom of initiative and enterprise. Russia has natural resources equal to ours.... But she has not had the blessings of one hundred and fifty years of our form of government and our social system. – Herbert Hoover, "Rugged Individualism" Speech, October 28, 1928

How did these words of Presidential candidate Herbert Hoover reflect his actions as President in response to the economic crisis of the Great Depression?


Hoover would rely on the state governments to initiate policies to relieve the crises within their own states.


Hoover refused to employ any policies to correct the problem, believing that the free market system would naturally repair itself.


Hoover initiated policies in an attempt to jumpstart the economy but not direct relief for its individual citizens.


Fearing communist influence, Hoover used the power of the Federal government to thwart labor strikes.


Hoover refused to use the power of the Federal government to intervene in the economic recovery.

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