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Which quote BEST reflects Ishmael's conflict as the jurors deliberate?


“The eye of the storm, he knew, had passed; the worst of it was behind them. And yet there was still a blind chaos to the world” (Guterson, ch. 30).


“It occurred to Ishmael for the first time in his life that destruction could be beautiful” (Guterson, ch. 30).


“He did not know how to conduct himself and the recklessness he felt about everything was a foreign to him as the sea foam breaking over the snowy boats and over the pilings of the Amity Harbor docks…” (Guterson, ch. 30).


“What he felt was the chilly recklessness that had come to waylay his heart” (Guterson, ch. 30).


“He felt inside not only an aversion to it but an attraction to it as well. He did not want to remember and he wanted to remember” (Guterson, ch. 30).

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