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Which quote BEST reveals why the getting back the family farm is so important to Kabuo?


“My father planted the fathers of these plants. We lived as children by the fruit they produced” (Guterson, ch.25).


“He and Hatsue spoke of little things at first, then of the San Piedro fields they’d left behind and the smell of ripening strawberries” (Guterson, ch.11).


“But for at least a solid month each summer there were endless berries to pick” (Guterson, ch.7).


“[Hatsue ] had been crowned princess of the Strawberry Festival in 1941” (Guterson, ch.7).


“That was all, there was nothing more than that, they wanted their farm and the closeness at hand of the people they loved and the scent of strawberries outside their window” (Guterson, ch.7).

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