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The rhododendrons were all loaded down with snow; icicles hung from the eaves. Everything looked seized by a white stillness (Guterson, ch. 32).

Which quote from the beginning of the book echoes the snowy imagery and symbolism of the above quote?


“The snowfall, which he witnessed out of the corners of his eyes — furious, wind-whipped flakes against the windows — struck him as infinitely beautiful” (Guterson, ch.1).


“The sea wind drove snowflakes steadily inland, hurling them against the fragrant trees, and the snow began to settle on the highest branches with a gentle implacability” (Guterson, ch.1).


“...the citizens stood and yawned, then wandered off into the less stultifying atmosphere of the hallway or gazed out the windows with awed expressions, watching the snow lash toward them in parabolas before it struck against the leaded panes” (Guterson, ch. 4).


“...a snow so ethereal it could hardly be said to have settled at all; instead it swirled like some icy fog, like the breath of ghosts, up and down Amity Harbor’s streets” (Guterson, ch. 12).


“San Piedro’s strawberry fields became fields of white, as untouched and flawless as desert” (Guterson, ch.17).

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