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Willy Wily is a realtor in a small beach community on the ocean. Recent home sales on the beach have been:

$$\$2,000,000$$ $$$500,000$$ $$$300,000$$ $$$100,000$$ $$$100,000$$

On a typical day, Mr. and Mrs. Moneybags came in to talk to him about selling their house. "Hire me," he said, "houses are selling for \$600,00."

Later the same day, Mr. and Mrs. Smallchange came in to talk to Willy about buying a house. "Hire me," he said, "houses are selling for \$100,000."

Willy seems to be contradicting himself. Is there an ethical dilemma here?


Yes, Willy is making up those numbers.


Yes, Willy is deceiving clients by using different measures of central tendency.


No, Willy can use whatever numbers he wants and still act ethically.


No, ethics does not apply to the use of statistics.

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