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At the very end of Chapter 3 Huck attempts Tom's advice of rubbing an old tin lamp with an iron ring. But, after a while of rubbing and no genie, he thinks to himself, "I judged that all that stuff was only just one of Tom Sawyer's lies. I reckoned he believed in the A-rabs and the elephants, but as for me I think different. It had all the marks of a Sunday school."

Why does Huck think this?


Huck has lost faith in Tom Sawyer's word.


Miss Watson has taught Huck to not trust liars.


Huck thinks that some teaching from Sunday school will give him the answer to how to unlock the genie.


Huck has equated big stories and promises with no results to religion, especially after his time with Miss Watson.


Huck's feelings are hurt that he believed in Tom's fantasy, but it was a waste of his time.

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