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What concept is implied in the title of this chapter: Civilizing Huck?


Huck takes it upon himself to stop following the unruly influence of Tom Sawyer to make Miss Watson proud.


Judge Thatcher teaches Huck the importance of sound investment strategies in putting Huck's six thousand dollars in the bank to gain interest.


If it were not for Tom Sawyer telling him that he could only join in his new band of robbers if he went back, Huck would have run away from the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson.


After The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas make it their mission to tame Huck into a proper citizen, including following Christianity, using silverware at the dinner table and taking regular baths.


Civilization for Huck means waiting for his father, Pap, to come home and take care of him again.

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