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Why does Chapter 8 begin with this paragraph?

The sun was up so high when I waked, that I judged it was after eight o'clock. I laid there in the grass and the cool shade, thinking about things and feeling rested and ruther comfortable and satisfied. I could see the sun out at one or two holes, but mostly it was big trees all about, and gloomy in there amongst them. There was freckled places on the ground where the light sifted down through the leaves, and the freckled places swapped about a little, showing there was a little breeze up there. A couple of squirrels set on a limb and jabbered at me very friendly.


This is an example of Huck's keen reporting skills.


Huck is revealing his transition to a more romantic view of the world.


Mark Twain is showing off his poetic writing abilities.


It is foreshadowing; the calm before the storm that is Huck's first adventure escaping Jackson's Island with Jim.


It is reinforcing the theme of appearances versus reality.

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