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Jim has a fortune-telling hairball that will not speak to him until Huck gives Jim a quarter. What does this reveal about Jim's character?


Jim is surprisingly greedy. He knows Huck wants to learn about Pap Finn, and recognizes that he will pay anything for the information so Jim can demand money with confidence.


Jim is delusional, stuck in a fantasy world. After the trick Tom played on him, Jim actually believes that he has some sort of enhanced powers and can actually get a fortune from the hairball.


Jim is rather ignorant to think that he would get any real money for his hairball trick. Huck only offers him a counterfeit quarter, which Jim takes, despite knowing it is counterfeit.


Jim is actually pretty shrewd; he understands the basics of a good con. If you have something people want, you can make money off of it.


Jim is a romantic, like Tom. To make up such a detailed fantasy is very similar to the world of books Tom lives in.

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