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In Chapter 8, Jim tells Huck about his preacher.

The preacher said that those who donate money to the poor are lending to the Lord and are bound to get their money back a hundred times over. Yet Jim has donated money and seen nothing in return for his efforts; all he wants now is the eight hundred dollars he needs to buy his freedom and nothing more.

What is the narrative effect of Jim sharing this story with Huck?


Jim has set up Huck to be disappointed later in the story when their plans for freedom fail.


Both characters are now set up as being motivated by a desire to escape and find riches.


Jim's story establishes a continued gullibility for con men, which will be seen later in the novel in the form of the Duke and the King.


Huck has now established himself as the dominant character because he has been able to safeguard his money against greedy individuals whereas Jim has not.


Huck and Jim establish an affinity due to the similar conclusions each has drawn about religion.

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