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When Huck goes to Mrs. Loftus's house, she uses several tricks to figure out that he is not who he says he is.

What are they and why do they work?


Repairing his dress, catch a rat, describe farming matters; they work to prove that he is not from out of town, and thus trustworthy.


Catch a fish for dinner, repair the bonnet he is wearing, help the men catch fifteen cows; they work to prove Huck knows nothing about farming life, and is a fraud.


Threading a needle, repeating his name, killing a rat, catching a lump of lead in his lap; they work because they require typically female skills and these actions caught Huck off guard.


Use lead to form bullets, help catch rabbits for the stew; spell his name correctly twice, fetch liquor to the men hunting for Jim; These tricks work to test Huck's loyalty to his people.


Properly milk a cow; sew a new dress; fetch eggs from angry chickens; catch a ball of thread thrown at him; They work to prove that Huck is not able to behave as a proper society girl does.

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