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At the end of Chapter 3, Huck and Tom are talking about genies and how to summon them by rubbing a lamp or ring. Tom explains that whoever rubs the lamp/ring gets to control the genie. This is Huck's response:

"Well," says I, "I think they are a pack of flatheads for not keeping the palace themselves 'stead of fooling them away like that. And what's more- if I was one of them I would see a man in Jericho before I would drop my business and come to him for the rubbing of an old tin lamp."

Why does Huck respond this way?


It makes no sense to Huck that the one with the power and size would ever wait on someone else.


Huck is too much of a pragmatist to believe such fantasy.


Huck is jealous of Tom's knowledge of such mystical topics.


It angers Huck that Tom is trying to pull the wool over his eyes about such foolishness.


Huck is frustrated that he could be the one with power, but has yet to experience it.

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