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What line from the beginning of Chapter 22 BEST emphasizes the idea that one powerful man is stronger than a crowd of cowards?


They swarmed up the street towards Sherburn's house, a-whooping and yelling and raging like Injuns, and everything had to clear the way or get run over and tromped to mush, and it was awful to see.


They swarmed in front of Sherburn's palings as thick as they could jam together, and you couldn't hear yourself think for the noise.


Lots of the women and girls was crying and taking on, scared most to death.


Just then Sherburn steps out of the roof of his little front porch, with a double-barrel gun in his hand, and takes his stand, perfectly ca'm and deliberate, not saying a word. The racket stopped, and the wave sucked back.


Then pretty soon Sherburn sort of laughed; not the pleasant kind, but the kind that makes you feel like when you are eating bread that's got sand in it.

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