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In Chapter 11, Mrs. Loftus reveals that the town thinks Pap killed his son for access to his money, and Jim is a known runaway slave. The reward for Pap is two hundred dollars while the reward for Jim is three hundred.

What does the difference in crime and reward suggest about society?


That in the 1840s American South, child abuse is not yet the substantial issue it is in contemporary times.


That the greater crime in the 1840s American South is loss of revenue from a slave, not murder of a child.


That in the 1840s American South society thinks one is more likely to catch a murderer than to catch a runaway slave. It is a guaranteed payout, so the reward stays lower to save money.


That in the 1840s American South monetary values are arbitrary.


In the 1840s American South money was used to garner attention There really isn't a difference between the two values; both crimes have a lot of money attached to them in the hopes of getting strangers to care.

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