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As Robert says good bye to Edna before leaving for Mexico, Edna explains on how she was hoping to see Robert next winter. This is Robert's response to Edna's comment.

"So was I," he blurted. "Perhaps that's the-" He stood up suddenly and held out his hand. "Good-by, my dear Mrs. Pontellier; good-by. You won't- You won't- I hope you won't completely forget me." (Chopin, Chpt. 15)

What does this response tell reader's about Robert?


Robert did not like how Edna reacted to his departure and so he wanted to leave as quickly as possible.


Robert was unsure of how to reply to Edna's comment and so he decided to ignore it.


Robert is aware of his feelings towards Edna, but realizes, unlike Edna, that society will never allow them to be together.


Robert was happy to hear Edna wished to see him again, and was at a loss of words because of it.


Robert was upset Edna assumed she would see him again, so Robert quickly left.

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