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She could not have told why she was crying. Such experiences as the foregoing were not uncommon in her married life. They seemed never before to have weighed much against the abundance of her husband's kindness and a uniform devotion which had come to be tacit and self-understood (Chopin, Ch. 3).

Given the above quote, what do readers come to understand about Edna and Mr. Pontellier's marriage?


Edna is rarely brought to tears because her husband is kind towards her.


Mr. Pontellier frequently brings Edna to tears, but she pays no attention to it because he is a good man.


Edna resents Mr. Pontellier's kindness because she always forgives him for making her cry.


Edna is miserable in her marriage because Mr. Pontellier makes her cry often.


Edna feels indifferent toward Mr. Pontellier.

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