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When Hale examines Betty, Miller includes the following stage direction:

The child remains limp in his hands. In silence he lays her back on the pillow Now, holding out his hands toward her, he intones: In nomine Domini Sabaoth sui filiique ite ad infernos. She does not stir. He turns to Abigail, his eyes narrowing.

Why does Miller choose to have Hale speak in Latin when he says, "In nomine Domini Sabaoth sui filiique ite ad infernos"?


Hale is trying to impress the crowd gathered around him.


By using Latin, Miller is able to further show that Hale is an intellectual.


The Latin represents the language that minister would use when preaching.


The Latin is a command for the Devil to get back to hell and one that Hale would use when trying to get rid of witchcraft.


The Latin is meant for Abigail since he turns his eyes on her after saying it.

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