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Later in the conversation with the Proctors Mary Warren says:

I never knew it before. I never knew anything before. When she come into the court I say to myself, I must not accuse this woman, for she sleep in ditches, and so very old and poor. But then - then she sit there, denying and denying, and I feel a misty coldness climbin' up my back, and the skin on my skull begin to creep, and I feel a clamp around my neck and I cannot breathe air; and then - entranced - I hear a voice, a screamin' voice, and it were my voice - and all at once I remembered everything she done to me.

Mary's lines indicate all of the following EXCEPT:


Mary still has compassion about those who are accused.


Mary truly believes in the effects of witchcraft.


Mary, before the trials, was very unsure of herself.


Mary is being influenced by those around her.


The denial of those accused triggers a reaction in Mary.

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