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Read the following lines from Book VI, in which Gilgamesh responds to Ishtar’s advances.

“‘Why would I want to be the lover of a broken oven that fails in the cold, a flimsy door that the wind blows through, a palace that falls on its staunchest defenders, a mouse that gnaws through its thin reed shelter, tar that blackens the workman’s hands….?’” (Mitchell 132).

The literary devices in this passage


illustrate Ishtar's long-standing hatred for Gilgamesh due to the negative connotations and tone of disdain that she uses to address him.


serve as a warning that women cannot play both the role of submissive domesticity and the role of the alpha leader and that Ishtar's show of power through her advances is a blasphemous one in this culture.


suggest the primal, animalistic desire that Ishtar holds for Gilgamesh due to the budding romance that has started to blossom between them.


illustrate the contempt between an unrequited love between Ishtar and Gilgamesh due to infidelity and differing viewpoints.


suggest the contempt that Gilgamesh feels for Ishtar's rough and unrefined nature.

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