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Read the following passage:

"Which of your husbands did you love forever?
Which could satisfy your endless desires?
Let me remind you of how they suffered,
how each one came to a bitter end....
'Why should I eat
this rotten meal of yours? What can you offer
but the bread of dishonor, the beer of shame,
and then reeds as covers when the cold wind blows?'....
If I too become your lover, you would treat me
as cruelly as you treated [the others]" (Mitchell 133-135)

Gilgamesh’s response to Ishtar's flirtatious advances illustrates the Mesopotamian idea that


women, even if they are female goddesses, are meant to be subservient to men.


women are merely sexual objects.


nothing good can come out of a man being submissive to a woman’s wishes.


even powerful women must bow to the double standards surrounding sexuality and falling prey to promiscuity leads to an unhappy end.


men hold all the power in society and females are not allowed to take on important roles.

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