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Gilgamesh states that he will

pray to the great gods for help, [he] will pray to Shamash… to Anu, father of the gods, to Enlil the counselor, and to Ea the wise, [he] will beg them to show [Enkidu] mercy” (Mitchell 145)

This is ironic because


Enkidu had asked for forgiveness from Ishtar, but she refused to show him mercy.


Gilgamesh had begged for mercy from the gods, but they refused to acknowledge his remorse.


Ishtar had asked Gilgamesh to be merciful to her, but instead he taunted her relentlessly.


Enkidu had begged for mercy from the gods when he was almost slain by Humbaba, but they denied his request.


Humbaba had begged Gilgamesh to show mercy, but Gilgamesh ignored his pleas.

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