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Read the following quotation from the epic Gilgamesh when Ea accuses Enlil for wrongfully sending the Flood to wipe out the human race.

“You, the wisest and bravest of the gods [Enlil], how did it happen that you so recklessly sent the Great Flood to destroy mankind? It is right to punish the sinner for his sins, to punish the criminal for his crime, but be merciful, do not allow all men to die because of the sins of some” (Mitchell 189-190).

This episode of the epic where Enlil is recounted as wiping out mankind most parallels the Greek myth of
Select Option Zeus sending down a floodAres sending war on earthAthena smiting menDemeter causing famine
and wiping out all of mankind except for Deucalion, who was considered the most honest man on earth, and his wife, Pyrrha. His decision to do so was, similarly to the Mesopotamian epic, due to crimes, sins, and the mercilessness of man from
Select Option blaspheming against Aresbeing too hungryPandora's boxoffending Athena
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