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When Gilgamesh asks the elders and youth of the community to bless him on his journey to the Cedar Forest, how does Enkidu respond, and what does this illustrate about his relationship with Gilgamesh?


Enkidu asks the people to persuade the king not to go, illustrating his contempt of Gilgamesh's petty whims.


The cheers of celebration and support from Enkidu illustrate his full support of Gilgamesh’s decision to go to the Cedar Forest.


Enkidu’s pleas to the people to convince Gilgamesh not to go illustrate his worry and love for Gilgamesh.


Enkidu’s anger at Gilgamesh’s request for a blessing illustrates Enkidu’s dismissal of religion and gods.


The jealousy that Enkidu feels when Gilgamesh asks for the people’s blessing illustrates his own desire to make a name for himself and to perform heroic deeds.

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