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Recall Enkidu’s responses to Gilgamesh’s dreams during their journey to the Cedar Forest. What is the significance of Enikidu’s interpretation of each dream?


Enkidu is ignorant and misinterprets the dreams due to his lack of intelligence.


As Gilgamesh's protector, Enkidu tries to placate the king’s fears by purposefully misinterpreting the nightmares as favorable dreams that foreshadow the hero’s success.


Due to Enkidu’s annoyance that Gilgamesh would not heed his warning about Humbaba, Enkidu agrees with Gilgamesh’s fears and says that the dreams foreshadow their demise.


Enkidu’s belief that the dreams foreshadow favorable outcomes highlights his constantly jovial and optimistic characterization throughout the epic.


Enkidu’s retelling of the nightmares into interpretations of favorable outcomes suggests his desire to sabotage and betray Gilgamesh by plotting the king’s death.

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