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Upon hearing the elders' reservations about his quest to kill Humbaba, how does Gilgamesh respond, and what does this illustrate about his character at the beginning of his hero’s cycle?


Gilgamesh ignores the elders and leave Enkidu behind in Uruk, which illustrates Gilgamesh’s lack of trust in others.


Gilgamesh heeds the elders’ words and thanks them for their advice, which indicates his humble nature.


Gilgamesh petulantly laughs at the elders’ advice and continues to act childishly by taunting them and gloating about his strength.


Gilgamesh listens to the elders’ advice and stays in Uruk, which illustrates his cautious nature and respect for others.


Gilgamesh brazenly laughs and continues to coerce Enkidu to follow him, which illustrates his hubristic nature.

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