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How does Gilgamesh respond to Enkidu’s dreams of death, and what is the significance of his response?


Gilgamesh tries to placate Enkidu’s fears by assuring him that the dreams are a good omen, mimicking the way Enkidu placated Gilgamesh’s fears in the Humbaba episode.


Gilgamesh laughs at Enkidu’s dreams and assures him that he has nothing to fear, which is significant because it reinforces the great friendship that the two men share.


Gilgamesh dismisses Enkidu’s dreams and says that they have no significance, which reinforces his naïvete.


Gilgamesh is worried about Enkidu’s dreams and begins fearing for his friend’s life.


Gilgamesh tries to reinterpret Enkidu’s dreams as good omens, which is significant because it reinforces his willingness to help his friend.

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