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Read the following passage.

Gilgamesh said [to Ishtar], "your price is too high,
such riches are far beyond my means.
Tell me, how could I ever repay you,
even if I gave you jewels, perfumes,
rich robes? And what will happen to me
when your heart turns elsewhere and your lust burns out?

"Why would I want to be the lover
of a broken oven that fails in the cold,
a flimsy door that the wind blows through,
a palace that falls on its staunchest defenders,
a mouse that gnaws through its thin reed shelter,
tar that blackens the workman's hands,
a waterskin that is full of holes
and leaks all over its bearer, a piece
of limestone that crumbles and undermines
a solid stone wall....?" (Mitchell 132)

Gilgamesh’s response to Ishtar can BEST be characterized as
Select Option angryhumorouscondescendingromantic
, which heightens the
Select Option humorromantic tensiondouble standard of sexuality in gender roleshero's journey
illustrated in the epic.
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