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Read the following passage from Book V and highlight the sentence that BEST supports the assertion that immortality is possible through the telling and retelling of stories.

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GIlgamesh said, "Courage, dear brother, this is no time to give in to fear. We have come so far, across so many mountains, and our journey is about to reach its goal. You were raised in the wild, with your own hands you have killed marauding lions and wolves, you are brave, your heart has been tested in combat. Though your arms feel weak now and your legs tremble, you are a warrior, you know what to do. Shout out your battle-cry, let your voice pound like a kettle drum. Let your heart inspire you to be joyous in battle, to forget about death. If we help each other and fight side by side, we will make a lasting name for ourselves, we will stamp our fame on men's minds forever." They walked deep into the Cedar Forest, gripping their axes, their knives unsheathed, following the trail that Humbaba had made.
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