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Read the following lines from Book X.

“Yes: the gods took Enkidu’s life. But man’s life is short, at any moment it can be snapped, like a reed in a cranebrake. The handsome young man, the lovely young woman—in their prime, death comes and drags them away. Though no one has seen death’s face or heard death’s voice, suddenly, savagely, death destroys us, all of us, old or young” (Mitchell 178).

The word “is” is MOST LIKELY italicized in order to


provide a definitive, declarative statement that contrasts Gilgamesh’s questions and uncertainty about life and death.


provide an aggressive, angry tone to Utnapishtim’s speech because he is heatedly arguing with Gilgamesh about the meaning of life.


provide a sarcastic tone to Utnapishtim’s statements because he is being sardonic about his views on life.


confuse Gilgamesh because he is still struggling with his fears about dying and his state of mortality.


confirm Gilgamesh’s happiness that life is so short because Utnapishtim wants to help make Gilgamesh happy.

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