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Epics often use the conventions of repetition, parallel structure, motif, or circular narrative to emphasize important ideas. For example, Gilgamesh asks for the elders of Uruk’s blessing and then asks for his mother Ninsun’s blessing. Their response is ultimately the same.

The elders say: “You are young. Sire, your heart beats high and runs away with you” (Mitchell 96).

Ninsun echoes this sentiment in which of the following lines?


“Lord of heaven, you have granted my son beauty and strength and courage” (Mitchell 99).


“Why have you burdened [Gilgamesh] with a restless heart?” (Mitchell 99).


“Since he has resolved to go, protect him until he arrives at the Cedar Forest” (Mitchell 100).


“Let his stride be vigorous and his legs sturdy” (Mitchell 100).


“Here me, O Lord, protect my son” (Mitchell 100).

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