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[The goddess Ninsun said,] "Hear me, O Lord, protect my son, in your great mercy lead him to the Forest, then bring him home" (Mitchell 101).

[Ninsun prayed,] "O Lord Shamash, glorious sun, delight of the gods, illuminator of the world, who rise and the light is born...protect my son" (Mitchell 100).

[Ninsun] climbed the stairs and went up to the roof, she lit sweet incense in honor of Shamash, she lifted her arms in prayer and said, "Lord of heaven, you have granted my son beauty and strength and courage---why have you burdened him with a restless heart?" (Mitchell 99).

These three quotations MOST CLEARLY indicate that


Gods are not always all-powerful and might pray to other gods for help.


Gods are all-powerful and can do anything.


Gods have no power and no place in society.


Gods are fragile and weak, which means that they rely on humans and monsters to do their bidding.


Gods need the support of other gods, otherwise their power is useless.

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