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The following is an excerpt from the Prologue:

He had seen everything, had experienced all emotions, from exaltation to despair, had been granted a vision into the great mystery, the secret places, the primeval days before the Flood. He had journeyed to the edge of the world and made his way back, exhausted but whole. He had carved his trials on stone tablets, had restored the holy Eanna Temple and the massive wall of Uruk, which no city on earth can equal. See how its ramparts gleam like copper in the sun. Climb the stone staircase, more ancient than the mind can imagine, approach the Eanna Temple, sacred to Ishtar... (Mitchell 69).

Which of the following correctly identifies the shift in the Prologue and express the importance of the specified shift in narration?


The Prologue shifts from third-person omniscient to second-person to invite readers to survey the city of Uruk. This shift is important because it invites the reader to feel like an active participant in the story as opposed to a passive listener.


The Prologue describes the unnamed protagonist in a way that changes from a grand portrayal to a dismal portrait. This shift is important because it establishes Gilgamesh's flawed nature from the very beginning of the text.


The Prologue describes the deeds of the protagonist and shifts to talk about the precious metals that the culture holds dear. This shift is important because it establishes the importance of resources in the epic.


The Prologue shifts from portraying Uruk in a negative light with negative diction to pointing out the beauty and wonder of the city with positively connoted imagery. This shift is important because it parallels Gilgamesh's character change from antihero to hero.


The Prologue shifts from a panoramic view of the city with a description of its outskirts to a more personal, narrowed focus of the character and his kingdom. This shift is important because it mirrors the narrative structure of the overall epic.

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