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During his quest to understand death, Shiduri advises Gilgamesh by saying that life is meant to be enjoyed.

How does this contrast with Gilgamesh’s character at this point in the epic?


Gilgamesh’s stubbornness contrasts with the free-spirited nature that Shiduri exhibits when she gives him advice.


Gilgamesh’s haggard appearance that resulted from his grief over Enkidu and fear of death contrasts with the picture of joy and happiness that Shiduri paints for him.


Gilgamesh’s anger about death is contrasted with the happiness Shiduri exhibits in her encounter with him.


Gilgamesh’s unchanged appearance after witnessing death contrasts with Shiduri’s discussion of changed appearance and personality.


Gilgamesh’s refreshed appearance after talking with the tavern-keeper contrasts with his later decline to a state of haggardness and tiredness.

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