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Why is it ironic that the color white is most associated with Daisy?


White usually symbolizes purity and innocence, but Daisy is a married woman who cheats on her husband and is guilty of killing Myrtle. She is neither pure nor innocent.


White is usually associated with cold weather, but Daisy is most present in the chapters when the weather is very hot.


White is associated with poverty and hard work, but Daisy is one of the wealthiest characters in the novel and is often portrayed lounging or relaxing. She is neither poor, nor accustomed to hard work.


The color white is associated with the East, where white marble columns decorate the fronts of large mansions. Daisy, however, is from Louisville, where the buildings are made of brick, not marble.


Daisy’s husband, Tom, is a racist, but Daisy is not. Nick points out the hypocrisy of her defense of African Americans by pointing out that she is white.

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