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Review the following quote from Chapter 3.

“I was immediately struck by the number of young Englishmen dotted about; all well dressed, all looking a little hungry, and all talking in low, earnest voices to solid and prosperous Americans. I was sure that they were selling something: bonds or insurance or automobiles. They were at least agonizingly aware of the easy money in the vicinity and convinced that it was theirs for a few words in the right key.”

Which statement best states the theme of The Great Gatsby reflected by this quote?


The old-money upper class are hollow and corrupt and refuse to help others achieve their dreams.


The illusion of wealth distracts people from every other activity.


Living in the past can only lead to great disappointment.


The poor are hard working and earnest, while the wealthy are corrupted by materialism.


The pursuit of the American dream has been corrupted so that all situations are tainted by materialism and greed.

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