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As Nick watches Gatsby and Daisy together during their first meeting he muses,

No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.

What does he mean?


Nick realizes that Daisy will eventually break Gatsby’s heart and that this meeting, as joyous as it seems to be, is actually a very sad moment for Gatsby.


Nick worries that Gatsby may love Daisy more than she could ever love him. His passion for her is obvious, while Daisy remains reserved and quiet.


Nick is disgusted by the sight of his new friend and his cousin, who are carrying on with no regard for Daisy’s wedding vows or the child she left at home.


Nick realizes that Gatsby’s memory of Daisy is just that -- a memory. Even the reality of seeing Daisy in person cannot drive Gatsby’s idealized version of her from his heart and mind.


Nick knows that the love Gatsby holds in his heart for Daisy will eventually be driven away. He is predicting conflict between the two that will end the relationship.

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